Brown Crake
Amaurornis akool

11 February 2014

Possible regional races (polytypic)
-Amaurornis akool akool (Sykes) 1832 PZS Pt2 no.23 p.164

Historical notes on Brown Crake, Amaurornis akool
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Brown Crake, Amaurornis akool

Brown Crake, Amaurornis akool - adult
Surjapur, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India on 5 Feb., 2012
Seen foraging near a canal in the afternoon - DD

Habits. Like all the Rails this is a very shy bird, keeping to dense cover in swamps and on the borders of streams. Its flight is said to be heavy and slow but its speed on foot and its agility in climbing reeds and bushes remarkable. It feeds largely on land-snails, slugs, worms etc. and for this purpose comes into the open in the very early mornings and late evenings.
Brown Crake, Amaurornis akool

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